Is Kratom Bad for You? Liver Toxicity, Damage and Health Problems

kratom liver damage

Does Kratom cause bad effects when you use it like damage to the liver? Those interested in trying alternative medicine or herbal remedies are naturally concerned about whether or not the remedy under consideration poses any health risks and particularly risks to the liver. More and more people are hearing of the benefits of Kratom but no one wants to try something that could possibly cause damage to any of their vital organs, no matter what the claims may be for improving health. The liver is the body’s main mechanism for cleansing it of toxins. This is why those considering a new health supplement worry about it having possible toxic effects on the liver. This article will dispel those fears by explaining the function of the liver and how Kratom affects the liver.

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Can Kratom Cause Liver Damage?

The liver is of vital importance to the health of the body as it has the job of detoxifying the blood, it converts nutrients into forms that can be used by the body, and it manages the body’s metabolism. Blood passes through the liver whether it is full of nutrients or with toxins. This is where bile is excreted transforming the nutrients and toxins into either useful material or waste.

The alkaloids in Kratom, like all other bioactive substances we ingest, are processed by the liver. These alkaloids will not harm the liver and if taken normally, in the proper doses, will be processed like every other substance, sorted and expelled. If you take excessive doses of any substance there may be stress put on the liver. When people refer to liver “toxicity” this is what they are referring to. The question is whether or not Kratom has any risks of toxicity to the liver. There have been some reported cases of cirrhosis caused from Kratom use. These cases are rare, but they have been known to occur in a small percentage of the population.

The liver has amazing powers of regeneration and is one of our most resilient organs. This means that it is able to regenerate and repair itself very rapidly. There have been cases where someone has donated an entire lobe of their liver and within three weeks it has completely regrown back and function normally.

Kratom Liver Toxicity Rumors Dispelled

Some people wonder if Kratom can cause cirrhosis of the liver. First of all cirrhosis is found in the liver of extreme alcoholics. The disease is an accumulation of scar tissue which eventually can replace all of the cells of the liver with heavy alcohol use or from other environmental factors over time. With regard to cirrhosis there has not been any scientific research conducted to determine whether Kratom can create scars to form in the liver.

Hepatoxicity and Intrahepatic Choleostasis

This is a liver condition that causes it to improperly release bile. Minor symptoms of this liver condition would be diarrhea and itching. An extreme symptom would be organ failure. Heavy alcohol and drug abuse can lead to this extreme. The question is whether heavy Kratom use could possibly lead to this condition. The answer would be that it’s extremely rare.

With so many millions of people using Kratom worldwide there has only been two cases ever documented of choleostasis in someone who’d used Kratom excessively. In those two cases there is a suspicion their liver damage was due to other factors like heredity, drugs or lifestyle, not due to Kratom.

Doses of Kratom that Are Not Bad for the Liver

When you take any type of nutritional supplement, whether it’s organically grown or made in a laboratory, you need to determine the precise dosage for you. If you take too much and overload your body, your liver will have to work harder to cleanse your blood and get rid of any toxins and waste.

We’re happy to report that it’s very difficult to ingest a toxic dose of Kratom and have serious adverse reactions. Dosages that are within the guidelines, and even dosages that are extremely high in terms of what most users take, are absolutely light years from toxic levels or in amounts that could cause an overdose.

Damaged Caused by Taking Too Much Kratom

At the very worst, if you take too much Kratom you’ll put a temporary stress on your body’s processes and ability to expel waste. This also includes stressing your liver functions. But within a short period of time all bodily systems will become balanced again naturally so Kratom is not at all considered to be dangerous. If you’re not sure of the proper dose for a specific strain then simply begin taking very low doses of 1g to 3g and work up slowly. Make note of how you’re feeling after this low dose and just add 1g or 2g when you take it next. This is always the best approach to take and will result in the best results and of course be healthy for your liver and all your organs for that matter.

All in all it’s smart to think about Kratom and the possibility of the risks of liver toxicity although this risk is low for most people. People should always actively participate in all decisions regarding their health and get as much information as possible on how any supplement could affect their organs. You should do your research before you worry about toxicity from Kratom. If you use it responsibly, Kratom is not likely to cause dangerous side effects. Kratom’s effects can be very beneficial to your mental and physical health and whether it is bad for you will depend on how it is used.

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  1. this is completely false !! im sitting home with toxic hepatitis after 2 weeks of kratom use !! i took less that 10 grams a day ! this false information is going to harm alot of people ! im not saying it will affect everyone like it did me but to say its safe is just wreckless and untrue!

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