Where is Kratom Legal and Illegal Internationally?

is kratom legal

If you have any doubt about whether or not Kratom is legal in your area please read on. It’s hard to comprehend why any nation would ban Mitragyna Speciosa, better known as Kratom. This tree has been growing in Southeast Asia for centuries and people worldwide have been safely enjoying the benefits derived from its leaves for thousands of years. Mankind has used Kratom to improve mood and focus as well as to increase energy. It’s really become popular over the past several decades as word has spread around the world. This has caused some governments to control its usage for their own reasons. Take a look at the following information to determine if using Kratom is legal in your location.

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Where is Kratom Legal?

There are an estimated 195 different countries throughout the world, and in all those countries, only four have decided to make Kratom illegal:
• Australia
• Malaysia
• Myanmar
• Thailand

These four countries represent a tiny percentage of the population, and the decisions to ban Kratom had nothing to do with health or safety concerns and everything to do with politics. However, for the rest of the world Kratom is legal.

Countries where Kratom is Illegal

With regard to classifying Kratom as a “controlled substance” there are a few countries that have designated it as such:
• Denmark
• Finland
• Germany
• New Zealand
• Romania

The governments of Russia, South Korea and the United Kingdom are currently unclear about their position on the use of Kratom, but they have not banned it at this point in time. There are certain countries, for example Canada and Mexico, who allow people to buy and import Kratom, but do not allow it to be marketed as a supplement for human consumption.

If you are planning a trip through any of the countries mentioned above, be sensible about where and when you use your Kratom products. Do your homework on the laws of that country and make sure you do not break them and wind up detained.

Kratom Legality in the USA by State

All Kratom products are legal to use in the U.S. except for in the state of Indiana. Indiana has a legal ban on certain Kratom alkaloids however the law there states that the Kratom herb itself is legal as it doesn’t apply to unadulterated plants. Throughout the rest of the United States there is nothing to restrict anyone from buying, shipping, possessing or using and consuming Kratom products.

There are a number of states that we consider “hot spots” as there is a battle going on to keep the trade alive there. If you reside in or are traveling to one of the following states make sure you know the current legal status before you try to buy or use Kratom there:

• Arizona
• Hawaii
• Iowa
• Louisiana
• Vermont

Several of these states consider themselves conservative however that doesn’t mean the legislature won’t interfere. States that permit Kratom to be marketed and sold without a problem are:

• California
• New York
• Tennessee
• Washington State

Because of the state’s rights it is up to the residents of each state to let their lawmakers know that they want freedom of choice as to the supplements they use so that Kratom will remain legal. The legislature should follow the will of the people.

Support the Legal Status of Kratom

One of the advantages of being an American citizen is that we all are encouraged to participate. If we have an issue we should email our local representative in Congress letting them know that we want Kratom to remain legal in the United States. Another way we can express ourselves is to “put our money where our mouth is” by spending our money supporting a given industry or product. When a business can prove their economic viability this sends a signal to the government regarding social acceptability and this is how we can support the continued legal use of Kratom. Without technically being an “activist” by purchasing and using Kratom, you are supporting the cause.

Kratom Bans and Schedules Around the World

It’s perfectly natural to ask why certain governments would set limits on the use of Kratom when it’s been used safely for thousands of years. What is so threatening that there have been bans and limits put on its use? The health benefits of Kratom have been well-documented. There is not one single report of Kratom causing serious harm to anyone’s health in centuries and centuries of widespread use. The sad news is that natural products that are perfectly harmless have been targeted in the name of politics. The tax levied on tea is an obvious case.

The truth about Thailand’s 1943 law banning the use of Kratom was not in any way based on concerns about the health and safety of Kratom. The government banned its use, many speculate, because it competed with the country’s illicit opium trade and offered a safe, healthy alternative. The ban on Kratom effectively worked to protect the income derived from trading in illegal drugs.

Legally Purchasing Kratom Online

Currently it is still legal to order and purchase Kratom from online vendors. There are a few very reputable vendors, such as Arena Ethnobotanicals, that consistently have very high-quality, pure Kratom powders and extracts they offer to the public. If you aren’t living in an area where Kratom is banned or designated a “controlled substance” you are perfectly free to use the products and reap the benefits today. You will not need a doctor to write you a prescription and you won’t need to hide the order or disobey the law to get it.

It behooves you to check here for updates on the law from time to time, especially if the laws in your area are confusing or in limbo. You can search online for your state’s government web pages for any changes in the laws and to determine if Kratom is legal or illegal where you live. But for the moment you can keep on enjoying one of the planet’s most popular herbal remedies whenever it suits you.

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