Is Kratom Legal in California, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco?

kratom california

Kratom has full legal protection in California and is available in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. California has historically been at the forefront of a lot of progressive social movements having always had the frontier spirit. Although California is as far as you can go on land from the birthplace of the nation, it is still on the leading edge in terms of forward thinking and the rest of the country is usually influenced in time by the attitudes and thinking of those in California. So as Californians have widely embraced the use of natural herbal remedies for health conditions over the span of decades, they have applauded the medicinal use of Kratom, the natural remedy that comes from plants grown in Southeast Asia.

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Kratom in California Legal Status

Any leading-edge social issue you can remember has found dedicated support from those living on the West Coast, specifically in California. When you look back on all the issues from civil liberties, caring for the underprivileged, affordable healthcare, equal rights for all citizens there is no question that the lawmakers of California understand the importance of cultural movements.

An issue that has been prominently in the news of late is medicinal marijuana. In many cities across the state of you can find hundreds of marijuana dispensaries which are completely legal. Those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes and have a prescription from a medical doctor can use it without any stigma or fear of being prosecuted by the government. Most those living in and around L.A. could care less about others using medical marijuana.

Kratom is not connected in any way to marijuana or its use or effects, but it does receive the same protection in California. There are some Californians who are on to the benefits this medicinal plant which is widely known for cutting stress levels while boosting relaxation and mental focus, relieving pain and improving immunity. And the residents of California, who still haven’t heard of Kratom and its benefits, are for the most part in favor of new natural ways to achieve health and wellness.

Laws for Purchasing Kratom in LA, San Diego and Elsewhere

It’s fairly easy to assume the legal status of Kratom in the U.S. and in California particularly, isn’t in jeopardy once you consider the safety record of this herbal remedy. It’s been used for medicinal purposed for centuries, maybe even thousands of years in Southeast Asia where it originates. For the past couple of centuries people worldwide have popularized this natural remedy using it for enhancing their mental abilities while putting them in a state of relaxation.

There are no concrete figures on exactly how many people use Kratom on a regular basis, but it’s thought to be many millions.

Kratom Facts for Users

• Kratom is non-toxic – There is no evidence that Kratom produces any toxic effects, reactions, or side effects which are commonly seen with pharmaceutical medications.

• Kratom is non-hallucinogenic – When used properly and within the dosage guidelines, it does not impair mental or bodily functions. On the other hand it does enhance them both.

• Kratom users experience no severe withdrawal symptoms – Kratom is not like opiates in that it does not create serious withdrawal symptoms and as such is not considered to have a risk of addiction.

Because of these reasons, the Golden State has decided it is a perfectly safe natural herbal remedy and there is no reason whatsoever to limit its availability to the residents of California.

Los Angeles Head & Smoke Shops

One of the easiest places to purchase Kratom in California is in a head shop. These also go by the name “smoke shop” or “tobacconist”. These are retail stores, usually found in strip malls, that have a limited number of alternative health products for sale and some carry Kratom. It’s great that these shop owners support civil liberties and alternative medicine as this does influence the larger society. However head shops may not be the best places to purchase Kratom.

Because head shops usually have a lot of other products in their inventory they may not be able to afford to stock more than one or two Kratom products, so there isn’t much selection. What they do carry in stock may be way overpriced as they have a lot of overhead, so you’re probably going to pay too much. Also retailers usually carry “brands” that are prepackaged like Lucky Kratom for marketing purposes. Kratom that comes from Asia, the true source, is not branded for marketing purposes. So you may not get the purity and quality that you are looking for in a head shop. It’s good to know that there are shops that operate legally that sell Kratom, we really cannot recommend them.

Buy Kratom Locally or Online?

The best place for finding a wide range of authentic, completely natural Kratom is by using an online vendor. You should do your homework and find one that has a good reputation in the Kratom community. You should look at the customer reviews and one that stands out in this regard is Quick Kratom. This vendor usually has a wide selection of different Kratom products which come from different regions and farms in Southeast Asia. As you’re searching online find out where the leave were grown as this should be clearly indicated on the website along with other information on the strain and the expected effects. The prices should be half of what they charge in a head shop.

The manner in which the locals treat Kratom on the West Coast provides an excellent example for the rest of the United States in terms of protecting civil liberties and promoting alternative medicine. At the time we’re writing this article 48 out of the 50 states allow Kratom to be used, but there is some concern about the future. But in the meantime Kratom is available for use in California and in Los Angeles and there is no debate about that at all. It’s important for everyone to accept the Kratom and California mind-set in terms of health and freedom and try to promote that wherever you live.

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