The Best Kratom Drinks and Liquid Shots for Sale

kratom drinks

One of the most popular ways to take the herbal supplement Kratom in social settings is in shots and in drinks. In ancient Southeast Asian cultures people just put the raw leaves in their mouths and chewed them all day long. In today’s world connoisseurs of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree have come up with a more enjoyable and tastier method for taking in the herbal medicine. Kratom drinks and shots are easy to use and offer all the same benefits of other forms of Kratom products.

Well known for its strong and rather unpleasant taste it’s not hard to figure out the motivation behind the innovation. Taking the idea behind the “toss and wash” method of ingestion, users just swallow the kratom powder and immediately have a drink to wash it down and get rid of the taste. It can be fun but the question remains whether or not it’s effective.

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The Best Kratom Drinks

If you’ve been in a head shop recently or had a look through the latest online suppliers, you probably have come across some kratom drinks & shots pre-packaged and offered for sale. But trying to find a product that’s safe and effective is not easy. It’s the luck of the draw really. The labels aren’t very informative with very few details so for the average user it’s impossible to figure out what you’re getting.

Reviews of Kratom Energy Shots

Mr. Smiley Kratom Shots – This product claims to provide 6g of red vein kratom with strawberry flavoring. The 2 oz. bottle is packaged cutely with a rave-type graphic design on the label. The list of ingredients has artificial flavorings and chemical sweeteners. There is no information on where the kratom was harvested so there’s nothing to offer a comparison with. The reviews mention that it provides a nice relaxing effect but this also comes with a stomach ache which isn’t so nice. They describe the artificial fruit flavoring as syrupy and a bit sickening.

Aura Blue Raspberry Drink – This comes in an 8 oz. bottle and looks like a sports drink. It tastes like a very sweet raspberry with a heavy blue consistency. There is no way to tell what kind of kratom is being used or even how much of the ingredient is in the drink. Those drinking this claim they feel relief from stress and some pain relief after drinking half a bottle. Most users say they meant to finish the bottle but the syrupy drink just seemed too intense.
Kratomite Shots – These and other products have come on the market and have become more available but it’s difficult to figure out what these products actually contain. We really can’t recommend buying any of them without having more information. You may as well buy your own top quality Kratom powder and create your own recipes for drinks and shots. This is a perfect way to know what you’re getting and what to expect. It never makes sense to use a supplement for medicinal purposes without knowing the exact ingredients. Cute labels will only take it so far.

Create Your Own Kratom Drink Recipe

Avoid unnecessary additives and confusing labels. Don’t trust pre-packaged kratom drinks & shots by deciding to make your own. This is a really fun activity and there are all different combinations of ingredients you can try. When you make kratom shooters with a friend it’s even more fun. Try this recipe:

Ingredients Needed:
2g to 4g of kratom powder – Recommended choices are White Sumatra or White Borneo Kratom powder as they make a great “pick-me-up”. You can also use an extract tincture or other form of liquid Kratom extract for easier preparation.
1 to 2 tbs. of honey
Choose any soda – Coke or any fruit-flavored soda are recommended.
Warm water

How to Drink Kratom

• Using a standard shot glass fill it up half way with warm water.
• Add the kratom powder and gently stir trying not to spill anything. Don’t be concerned if it doesn’t fully dissolve.
• Add the honey and stir. The honey bonds to the powder making it easier to swallow.
• Add more warm water until the shot glass is filled to the top and gently stir.
• Fill another shot glass with your Coca Cola or fruit-flavored soda.
• Drink one after another. Drink the shot glass with the kratom first. And then right afterwards, drink the shot glass full of soda. You will immediately taste an effervescent and sweet flavor. There won’t be any bitterness from the kratom and it should go down very easily.

More Recipes for Kratom Beverages
Mixing Kratom with Juice:
Juice is most commonly used in do-it-yourself kratom drink recipes. Using the “toss & wash” method, orange juice seems to be a favorite. You can mix the powder directly into the orange juice but the powder tends to clump together making it hard to drink the whole glass. If you use Kratom tincture it might make it easier.

Both orange juice and grapefruit juice are possible potentiators for kratom, which means they slow down the body’s metabolizing mechanism for the plant which serves to increase the duration and intensity of the effects.

You can also use the blender to make your drink using kratom powder with fresh juice, adding some sweetener as needed such as agave or honey. Blend the ingredients together and you will have no clumping for an easy to swallow drink.

Kratom Tea Drinks:

Having kratom tea is a very popular way to ingest the herbal medicine. It’s very easy to drink and very comforting and soothing in the morning or on a cool day. To brew the tea add 1 ½ times to double the amount of kratom powder that you would normally use in a kettle of tea. Add just over a cup of water stirring slowly. Bring the brew to a gentle boil. Lower the heat and let the tea simmer for approximately 15 minutes. Using a strainer pour the tea into a mug. Add a sweetener like honey or raw sugar. Enjoy!

There really is no right or wrong way for creating your own kratom drinks or shots. It’s the end result that counts and whatever way you choose to ingest the kratom leaves or powder you will have an overall soothing, yet energizing experience. You can just have fun by blending kratom with various items you find in your refrigerator. When you have success just post the recipe online so every other kratom fan can try it too.

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