Kratom and Drug Tests: 4 Commonly Asked Questions on False Positives and Legality

kratom drug tests

Have you been using or want to use Mitragyna Speciosa products and worried what kinds of consequences are associated with a Kratom drug test? Many people work in environments that do random drug tests. Some people work in a job that asks to submit to regular drug test (police, fire department, etc.). Whatever the circumstances, nobody wants to give up their right to use the drug because of a drug test. Is there reason to be concerned with Kratom levels showing up on a drug test?

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1 – Does Kratom Show Up On A Typical Drug Test?

Good news! You shouldn’t worry about doing a drug test and the Kratom drug showing up. The reason is that the alkaloids and plant won’t show up on the majority of drug tests. Government officials and employers don’t screen for Kratom use, and that’s because it’s generally legal to use in most of the world.

Mitragyna Speciosa, which is Kratom’s plant source, doesn’t have a chemical structure that’s similar to illegal drugs that the tests look for – cocaine, heroin and marijuana. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if the test is a surprise or not. You may have heard that the drug tox screen generated a false positive for kratom use. This typically does not happen though.

3 – Is There A Kratom Drug Test Available?

Every day, new tests are being created that look for Kratom. The reason for that is the anti-drug hysteria that’s sweeping across the world; people who are pushing innocuous remedies into a prohibition campaign.

Companies such as Randox Toxicology and Millennium Laboratories have presented products in the hopes to profit off stories that involve herbal remedies. Rather than providing factual information about these products, they have fed the fear the public has about legal highs. While these tests are being developed, they’re not likely to be in a regular drug test any time soon. If you did have to take a Kratom drug test, you still can use it legally.

2 – Is It Possible For Kratom To Cause A False Positive For Opiates?

There have been horror studies about innocent drugs like pseudroephedrine (Sudafed) producing a false result on drug tests. In fact, eating bagels with poppy seeds can result in a positive tox screen. However, Kratom won’t show up on a drug screen for opiate use, either by urine or blood.

Is Kratom considered an opiate? Not at all! In fact, it’s not an opiate but once in the bloodstream, it does have a tendency to come into contact with the same cell receptors that opiates become attracted and become affixed to. However, people not used to Kratom may unknowingly think that the Kratom alkaloids are similar to opiates.

True opiates have harmful dynamic that pure, unrefined Mitragyna Speciosa doesn’t. It doesn’t produce a physical addiction or cause health problems, as seen with opiate addiction. Kratom is often used to help people overcome their opiate addiction because it can calm the damaged cell receptors.

And, should you get a false positive, keep in mind that a second confirmation exam can be done with a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry that show that no illegal drug use took place.

4 – Can Using Kratom Cause Legal Problems?

The biggest reason kratom drug tests are not that big of a concern for most folks is that its herbal medicinal is legal in nearly all countries. Malaysia, Burma, Australia and Thailand are the only countries that have banned the plant. The bans are not even associated with the countries’ citizens’ health. The Kratom ban in Thailand was put into place to decrease the amount of competition of the country’s opium trade.

Finland and Germany, along with the states of Louisiana and Indiana in the United States, are trying to get Kratom classified as a controlled substance – no research to be founded upon their reasoning. The bans can keep research from being conducted. There’s no doubt how confusing Kratom drug use can be, which is currently used as a medical therapy. But, at this moment, mandatory drug testing doesn’t aim at herbal medicines. Some individuals who are in the military or have jobs which regularly test for drug use should consult further experts to learn more about the risks. If you are involved in a job that requires driving, operating heavy machinery or other highly technical skills, it is important that you do not use Kratom while at work.

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