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kratom effects

More people every day are starting to try Kratom when they hear about the benefits received from friends and even testimonials posted on the internet. It’s important to be fully informed on this botanical before you take the plunge and start using Kratom. In many ways Kratom effects are and side effects paradoxical in that on the one hand it can boost strength and energy while at the same time helping to relax and calm you down. This all has to do with how much is used at once, the properties of the various strains being taken and the user’s individual biochemistry.

By taking a smaller dose you will see positive effects like becoming more mentally awake, having increased attention and awareness while experiencing a dramatic increase in motivation. If users take a larger dose you may experience a sense of euphoria, lowering of anxiety and effects similar to taking a sedative which may put you into a state of restfulness mentally. This article will discuss the positive benefits and the negative effects of using Kratom. We will also take a look at the way in which this herbal remedy affects your body and your mental state of mind.

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Positive Effects of Kratom Leaf
Kratom Boosts Focus and Concentration
Kratom is also known to act as a nootropic, increasing focus and concentration. Two different strains of Kratom, the white and green strains, are responsible for combating brain fog and helping users to totally focus all their mental energy on the task at hand. Students report being more attentive to what’s being taught in class and men have claimed it makes it easier for them to pay attention and listen to their wives and/or girlfriends. There are reviews online from users who claim their symptoms of ADD/ADHD are improved allowing them to think more clearly, concentrate more when studying or tackling mentally taxing work.

It Helps you Relax and Calm Down
When using larger doses, Kratom can relieve anxiety and create a state of relaxation. While lifting your mood it also has a calming effect and helps eliminate negative or stressful thoughts. It can lessen feelings of nervousness and relieve feelings physical and mental tension.

Using Kratom Relieves Pain

The leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree are known as an effective analgesic or for reducing pain. It’s even been proposed as an alternative to prescription painkillers. It works by activating the mu-opioid receptors which the drug morphine also does to relieve pain, either temporary or chronic. People have reported success when suffering from headaches, migraines, arthritis, muscle pain, vascular pain and even some chronic pains that are not relieved by prescription medications. Taking Kratom is thought to be much safer with less risk of addiction than certain stronger prescription medications used for pain.

It Can Give you an Energy Surge

In small doses, Kratom has an energizing effect which is similar to drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee or tea. It’s not described as restlessness or any increase in heart rate. It is most often described as mental energy, people report being able to think with more clarity, with sharper focus and a sense of vitality and vigor balancing them out.

Mitragyna Alkaloids Boost Mood and Euphoria

Most of those taking Kratom describe having their mood uplifted as well as their cognitive state. This plant brings about a sense of profound sense of well-being and contentment. One dose of Kratom is said to block out all negative thoughts and bring about a sense of optimism where you feel as if anything is possible. If taken in higher doses it can bring about feelings of euphoria. This is thought to be caused by the mitragynine alkaloid which is known to have anti-depressant effects.

Reduces Social Anxiety

Another bonus is that Kratom seems to help people overcome social anxiety and have more confidence when meeting new people or when they are speaking in front of a lot of people. Some users report that it helps them enjoy social functions more and makes them want to go out and socialize more often.

Boosts Libido and Sex Drive

Many people take Kratom extracts for their aphrodisiac properties and to increase sexual performance. It seems to work for both men and women to increase sexual excitement. The ethnobotanical seems to increase sensations of arousal and enable users to last longer when having sex. It may only take 1g of Bali Kratom powder to rev up your libido for as long as 12 hours.

Effects of Kratom on Withdrawal from Opiates

This benefit certainly doesn’t apply to everyone but for those addicted to opiates it’s known to make the process of withdrawal much easier to handle. It is quickly becoming very popular for this use as it apparently masks the effects of opiate withdrawal as well as from other illicit drugs. The usual symptoms of withdrawal are muscle pains, heavy perspiration, vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety and insomnia. The way it’s used is that addicts control their dependence on drugs while their system is detoxifying. Because Kratom is not addictive they are able to easily cease using it when they’re ready.

Used as a Natural Sleep Aid

Another benefit of taking Kratom is that it improves sleep naturally. It seems to shut off your mind so that you can just relax before bedtime. You feel more restful and it’s just easier to go to sleep. Some report they have more dreams when they use Kratom and when they awaken they’re more refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Controls Blood Sugar and Boosts Immunity

For centuries Kratom has been used by Southeast Asian cultures for its medicinal properties. Over these hundreds of years many in these populations have named quite a few health benefits from using Kratom. It acts as a very strong anti-oxidant and has been known to reduce neuron damage in stroke victims. It’s used to lower blood pressure because it has an alkaloid which is often found in anti-hypertensive medications. It acts in the same manner as insulin, controlling blood sugar levels in diabetics because it contains Catechin. It helps boost the immune system because it has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Some have even found it helpful in weight-loss.

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