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kratom infusion

Kratom Infusion puts a wide variety of popular Kratom products into tea bags. Tea bags are an easy and convenient way to enjoy this popular herb. Brewing Kratom into a nice hot mug of tea is one of the oldest and most relaxing ways to take the herb. Making tea is easy to do, whether in a tea bag or by simply using a scoop of dried leaves in a tea ball or strainer. So are tea bags worth paying more? Let’s find out what the box contains and what users have to say about this convenient method of enjoying this age old herbal medicine.

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Kratom Infusion Tea Bags
Kratom tea is traditionally made by bringing a kettle of water to a boil, adding leaves and simmering for about 15 minutes. The infused liquid is then poured into a mug through a strainer to remove the leaves and enjoyed with a bit of honey as desired.

The method is almost exactly the same with a tea bag, except there is no need to strain it. Place the Kratom Infusion tea bag into a pot or kettle of boiling water, simmer for 15 minutes or so, then discard the tea bag and pour the tea into a mug. This method is a little less work and creates less mess, so is more convenient for many, especially those who like to take it with them and enjoy it as they go about their day.

Varieties of Kratom Tea
What ingredients are found in a bag of Kratom Infusion tea? The box says the tea is made of a blend of three varieties – Red Thai, Indo, and Maeng Da. While this blend will almost certainly have a quite powerful effect, your options are limited to this one specific blend. Most Kratom users have distinct preferences for some varieties of Kratom. In addition, different varieties are better suited to different times of day, different activities and different emotional states. Making your own tea allows you to tailor your blend to your exact needs, every time you make it, instead of being stuck with a specific blend with every cup. It is our opinion that the convenience does not justify the lack of choice.
Buying Kratom Infusion Products
Does the cost of the tea bags add to or detract from their value? Kratom Infusion runs $29.99 for a box of 25 tea bags, each containing 2 grams of Kratom powder. This breaks down to about $1.20 per 2 gram tea bag. Many users report that they need to use 2 tea bags to brew a cup to their liking, a point that is made on Infusion’s website, making the cost about $2.40 per dose.

How does this compare to the cost of making your own custom blend? One site we looked at offers Red Bali, a strain known for its ability to induce relaxation, for $12.99 per ounce, which yields about 28 grams, for a cost of about $0.93 for two grams, or $1.86 for a typical cup of tea containing 4 grams, a difference of about $0.54 per cup. This difference may not be significant for occasional users, but for more frequent users who don’t mind the hassle of straining.
A Summary of User Comments and Reviews
Convenience, choice and cost are all factors when choosing a product, but user reviews tell the true story of a product’s value. What do users have to say about Kratom Infusion? According to reviews, the tea bags are indeed a high quality product that offers a combination of the most well-known effects. The main complaint made by users is that the effects are unfocused. Combining energizing strains of Kratom with relaxing strains offers a pleasant combination of soothing energy that doesn’t actually offer a distinct feeling of either effect.

The other issue encountered by many users is dosing. The tea bags are a consistent 2 grams each, which makes it difficult for experienced users who may prefer higher doses of 6 grams or more at a time. Try putting 3 or 4 tea bags into a mug, it doesn’t work well, not to mention the increased cost. Or consider the somewhat less experienced user who finds 2 grams a bit weak, but 4 grams a bit too much. Blending your own allows you to measure your dose more precisely.
Kratom Infusion Review
Most users like the idea of ready made tea bags. Anything that makes taking Kratom more convenient and less messy is welcome. With that in mind, there are a number of complicating factors that make it difficult to recommend pre-packaged tea bags. Using pre-made tea bags locks you into a set dose of a predefined blend, a blend that produces pleasant, but diffused effects. Gram for gram, the tea bags cost about two and half times as much as loose powder, which can be easily custom blended and precisely measured. The company Kratom Infusion is trustworthy and does offer real Kratom product, but in a form that simply does not work for most users, who can get a better blend by buying loose powder and blending it into a tea that offers the exact desired result at a precise dose.

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