Review of Kratom Pro Powders and Capsules + Coupon/Discount Codes

kratom pro review

Kratom Pro is a discount Kratom vendor out of California. Their website offers very little information on the products. There are no details as to where their products come from, what the proper dosages are, what effects they can be expected to create, or how the products are handled locally in their warehouses. In looking further we discovered that this vendor apparently buys directly from Arena Ethnobotanicals and just repackages everything. Arena Ethnobotanicals is a very well respected vendor so we wonder why anyone who knew this would buy from Kratom Pro when they could just buy directly from Arena. The answer is that people don’t really know where they get their product.

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Kratom Pro Review

There website seems to be bare-bones, just a basic template site. They offer no background information on the Kratom Pro Company whatsoever. We have to question the quality of the product and of course wonder about the reliability of their website. Will it be here today and gone tomorrow? Is this just a way to make a quick buck cashing in on the craze? This is what we found out about Kratom Pro.

Kratom Pro has only a small selection of the basic Kratom strains. They sell 4 types of powder and 4 types of capsules. That’s it. There is no information on the source of these products and no meaningful descriptive information to speak of either for each product. This is apparently a drop-shipping company only which carries no products of their own.

Any information they do provide is very generic and it doesn’t seem as if the person writing the descriptions hasn’t even tried Kratom. This doesn’t give us much confidence in this distributor, especially since this is an herbal remedy that will be ingested by their customers.

Powders and Capsules Offered

They do talk about the company grinding their own powders claiming this is done in the U.S. In fact they make a big deal out of this but we know this isn’t true because their packaging is exactly the same as the packaging that the products from Arena Ethnobotanicals come in. Whether they grind the powders (again?) or just change the labeling we can’t figure out what the benefit is.
There are no additional products being offered on their site, only Kratom. They don’t mention anything about the larger ethnobotanical movement going on right now and that Kratom is the main star in this movement. In reality the whole Kratom Pro website seems like it’s been created by cutting and pasting. It doesn’t have any personality at all, which seems odd since the culture of Kratom is so vibrant, complex and unique.

Comparison with Other Online Kratom Vendors

When you compare the Kratom Pro site with Bouncing Bear Botanicals, another Kratom vendor, you’ll find that Bouncing Bear Botanicals is modern, relates to the current ethnobotanical movement, has great deals on top quality Kratom you’ll see the difference.

A top quality Kratom vendor stands out by offering a lot more than just the average selection found on other sites. A top quality vendor has a vibrant lively marketplace offering a huge selection of products from rare blends, potent strains and extracts to living Mitragyna Speciosa plants. Kratom should be offered along with many other herbal and plant remedies that can be found on our planet. Bouncing Bear Botanicals is all this and more, but we can’t say the same about Kratom Pro.

Prices and Coupon Codes

The Kratom products featured on the Kratom Pro website are priced on the low side just as you would expect from a discount marketer. But because of the obvious disparity between the website and the vibrant Kratom “scene” we wonder if those running Kratom Pro would have any idea of the difference in quality of the various products, let alone consistently offer quality products. We have to consider whether the reason they are able to cut $1 less an ounce might be because they cut corners here and there. But since they don’t offer much product detail, we just don’t know.

User Reviews and Final Conclusion

There is not one single consumer review anywhere on the Internet for this website. This only adds to the mystery. The only thing we can conclude is that this is a completely new business or that no one was inclined to comment online about the company, the quality of their product or anything else about Kratom Pro. We looked through thousands of online pages of comments regarding Kratom and found not one review or comment on Kratom Pro.

While Kratom fans work hard building their ever-expanding community of enthusiasts of alternative, herbal remedies, it’s important to shop at legitimate businesses. These should understand the product and the culture and the movement. Legitimate Kratom vendors work hard to make sure they provide quality products. There is absolutely nothing on the Kratom Pro website that gives us any confidence in this company or the products they’re selling.

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  1. I have been looking for a new place to get kratom and someone recomended you. Do you send out free samples for people to try? I’m mostly looking for red vein.

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