How to Take Kratom Resin Extracts for Best Effects

kratom resin extract

Many new users of Kratom resin, which is also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, are not fully apprised of what this herbal product is or its methods of usage. They experience a challenge when trying to purchase it online, since a significant number of vendors do not stock this product. Offline supplies may be found in the high end nutritional outlets. The physical aspect of Kratom resin presents as a dark, glassy black lump with the visual properties of a dried brick of tar. This resin substance is a highly concentrated variety of Kratom extract.

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Review of Kratom Resins

The extract form of Mitragyna Speciosa has a higher alkaloid content than that of typical Kratom leaves. The extraction process removes the active chemicals from the plant matter. This method entails boiling the leaves to extract the alkaloids, while forming the residual substance into a solid resin. This residue is also ground into powder form or marketed as a liquid tincture. Kratom resin is also compressed into Kratom pies the size of a single dose, or shipped in large bricks that the user cuts up for personal usage.

Kratom resins are all categorized as being 8x, 15x or as some other designation times more potent than unprocessed Kratom leaves. When producing the resin the number coefficient references the gross weight of dried leaves needed to make one gram of extract. For instance, the conversion that transforms fifteen grams of leaves into one gram of resin, is identified as a 15x resin.

However, this identifier shows no implication that fifteen times more alkaloid content is contained in the resin compared to the leaves, as this would necessitate a one hundred percent extraction ratio. This number coefficient provides a generic plan for dosage determination.

Are 8x or 15x Kratom Resin Extracts Better?

Also be mindful that a higher number is not equivalent to effectiveness. Numbers in excess of 20x resin do not symbolize the complete range of alkaloids found in the Kratom plant. The leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree contain twenty-five identifiable alkaloids in addition to forty physiological compounds. To achieve the full effects of the Kratom herb, the usage preference is Full Spectrum Extracts, which incorporate all alkaloids into the final production process.

A 50x Kratom resin, or any number identifier that goes beyond 20x, is assuredly not a full spectrum resin. When the potency level surpasses that of standard leaves, take more care with dosages. In addition, you need to use the cycling method that allows for taking usage breaks to prevent tolerance accumulation.

How is Kratom Resin Produced?

Excessive production costs increase the price for consumers who purchase resin bricks or pies. Users research techniques to produce Kratom resin with the use of fresh or crushed leaves. This presents a challenge to refine the process, but it is a workable and cost effective solution.

The process of producing resins entails boiling the fresh Kratom leaves for hours. This decomposes the leaf membranes and extracts the alkaloid content. Following this boiling process, the leaves are left to steep. The evaporation of the water leaves the residue of a black paste similar to tar.

During this phase, the paste is malleable, which allows for pouring it into various metallic container molds, or drying it in an unformed mass. When the drying stage is finished, the result is Kratom resin that is formed into blocks small enough for retail sales. Another production option involves the formulation of an extract powder that has a characteristic dark and glassy appearance.

Different Types of Resins for Sale

The determination of the extraction factor encompasses the ratio between the initial leaf weight and the subsequent weight of the resin. To produce an 8x Kratom resin, one gram of resin is extracted from every eight grams of leaves. All varieties of Kratom resin extracts or leaves sold by online vendors exhibit significant deviations in quality. Resins are legal to buy in most countries including Canada, the UK and the USA.

There are no supplier specifications as to the origin of the strain of Mitragyna Speciosa that formulated the resin, or the quality grade. There is a lack of variety in the forms of Kratom offered by suppliers. Red Bali leaf or another variety of blend is most often the only strain in resin form provided for consumers.

An established benefit of using resin over raw leaves or powdered leaves relates to the fact that it takes a smaller amount for an effective result. A regular dose of 8x Kratom resin will be one eighth the dosage requirement for a non-extract form. Since Kratom leaves and powders are noted as having a bitter taste, resins have a more palatable taste. In addition, resins have less raw plant matter.

How to Use Kratom Resin Extract

The consumption of Kratom resin transpires through various means. It is simple to make tea by placing the block into a boiling pot or cup water. When the resin disintegrates, you can blend in spices such as cinnamon or sweeten it with sugar and honey for a better taste. Look online for various pleasant tasting Kratom tea recipes. Consume the tea by drinking it all at this time, administer it in smaller doses, or use the option to drink it throughout the day. The last option can extend to drinking it over a period of a two days.

Another alternative consists of using an instrument to cut the block of resin into pieces small enough to swallow as you would a Kratom capsule. This plan of action allows for ease in dosing throughout the day, an enables you to place your Kratom resin bricks into an airtight container to make dosing more mobile. There is a minimal chance that using this method will increase the time for the full effect of the dose to get into your bloodstream, due to a longer digestion time. This means of administration makes dosage control more difficult for Kratom resin. It is essential to purchase a micro scale to measure out a specific dosage to prevent overages in dosage quantities.

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