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kratom tea bags

Kratom is a favorite medicinal remedy for many people but ingesting it is another matter. It just doesn’t taste very good. There have been so many innovative recipes tried over the years, all trying to make the dry powder palatable. But it might be that the best way to enjoy the benefits of kratom is to sip it in the form of a nice hot tea like they did in ancient times. You can even buy ready to use Kratom tea bags online from several vendors to save yourself some trouble. But even if you do not purchase the pre-made tea bags, you can simply make a recipe from powder or crushed leaves and use a standard tea strainer.

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Kratom Tea Bags For Relaxation and Mood

Throughout history tea has been the perfect method for taking herbal remedies. This isn’t exclusive to just one culture or geographical location as all cultures have created their own teas for medicinal purposes using the plants in their own local area. These days we have the luxury of selecting which herbs to take as we’re able to find anything we need from anywhere in the world. We can get Kratom powder from Southeast Asia where the Kratom tree grows. It’s the perfect herbal remedy to enhance health and for its mood-lifting properties.

By brewing Kratom into a tea by boiling it very slowly it will cause the herbs to become more concentrated and thus more beneficial. This brew has actually become a staple in the practice of Eastern Medicine. It’s called a “decoction” by the Chinese. When you concentrate the herbs the medicinal plant alkaloid’s content is boosted and this is very important for kratom.

The alkaloid mitragynine can then travel to certain cellular receptors in our bodies affecting our central nervous system to both soothe and energize it. This has the effect of elevating one’s mood and also relieving muscle pain.

Hot teas are a very effective way to deliver medicinals to the human bloodstream. By concentrating the herbal remedy in hot liquid it can be rapidly absorbed from under the tongue and of course in the stomach. This requires a lot less time to digest than a raw powder would. Most those who have taken kratom this way say they feel the effects entering their system very gently and gradually. They don’t describe a sudden sensation at all but instead a smooth transition into feeling the benefits of the kratom leaves.

Steps for Brewing Your Own Tea

There are stores that sell Kratom tea bags, but in recent years it’s become more popular for people to just do it themselves. There are two ways to go, you can purchase the kratom powder in bulk and put it in a strainer or you can buy empty tea bags online or from a health food store and fill them yourself, using the steps below:

1. Determine which strain of kratom you prefer for your recipe and determine the correct dose. If you cannot find one strain that perfectly meets your needs, it is very common to blend a few together. For this you can use the dried leaves crushed, or get the kratom already in powder form.

2. Measure the proper dosage of kratom and put the crushed leaves or powder into an empty tea bag. These tea bags are used once and cost a few cents or less per bag.

3. Using a mug, place the tea bag inside and fill up with very hot water, but not boiling water. Let the tea brew for 3 to 5 minutes. While the tea steeps the water will become infused with the kratom. Some place a small dish on top of the mug to keep the water hotter while the tea brews.

4. When you remove the tea bag you can add something to sweeten the tea such as raw sugar, stevia or honey. Stir and enjoy. If there is some sediment in the liquid it’s not a problem as this is totally safe to drink.

Dosages for Kratom Tea Recipes

You need to experiment to determine the perfect dose for your needs. Start with a smaller dose than you really think you need and gradually increase the amount until you feel just the right effect from the herbal remedy. If you’re brewing tea keep in mind that if you’re going to steep it for a shorter period time you’ll need to use a larger dose than you would use if you were taking it orally or brewing it without using the bag. Some people have said that they double the usual dose when they use a tea bag.

Recipes to Use

The recipes for brewing kratom tea work nicely for all strains of kratom. Some provide a more relaxing effect and others a more energizing effect. Many users brew their kratom tea upon getting up in the morning and have it instead of coffee. White Borneo will give you a very natural energy boost which works well if you want to stay focused while at work or at school.

If you are having a relaxing day you might want to brew Red Thai or another red strain. This particular strain is extremely soothing and has been popular in Thailand for many centuries for its ability to soothe and relax the nervous system. It works just as well today as it did thousands of years ago.

If you cannot find the empty tea bags or have run out, no problem. You can brew your tea just as easily using a pot or kettle. Fill your tea kettle with water, add the kratom tea bag or powder, and bring to a gentle boil. Turn down the heat and just let it simmer lightly for 15 to 20 minutes. As you pour the tea into your cup or mug, use a strainer to remove the sediment.

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