Is Kratom Legal in Tennessee in 2014?

kratom tennessee legal status

The legal status of kratom in Nashville, Tennessee is changing and it may not be a good thing. Yet another U.S. state seems to be opting against kratom just like Indiana, two states to the north. It can spell trouble for the use of this herbal and natural supplement. Those who already use it will no longer be able to buy or use is legally. It seems like a national trend starting but is it all due to myths and a lack of understanding? Here are the Tennessee facts.

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Buying Kratom in Tennessee

For some time, a law was rumored that would ban kratom. From July 1, 2013 that rumor becme a reality. Right now kratom is prohibited in the state and there is no longer a debate. The alkaloid components, hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, found in kratoms are banned completely. These are organic substances found in the plant leaves of the kratom tree, also called Mitragyna Speciosa.

The penalties are not that clear at this time. Right now, it is just best to avoid buying the powder or capsules for the time being if you live in the state of Tennessee.

The Legal Status of Kratom

The decision has not been due to studies into the drug. The problem is that the herbal remedy is linked with other “legal highs” that are usually available in stores. There is a lot of hype over these “legal highs” that have led to hysteria because of the way bath salts have been used at high toxic and deadly levels. However, Southeast Asians have been using this natural remedy for millennia and it is not linked to bath salts in any way.

It is viewed as one of the safest legal highs in the world. It’s an effective herbal remedy, used throughout the centuries to boost immunity and energy levels. Western countries only heard about it over the last few decades and have realized just how beneficial it is for healing. It’s also been effective for alleviating depression, fighting free radicals to prevent cancer and lowering blood pressure. However, the Governor of Tennessee still views it as a dangerous drug.

There were rumors that Smith Kline helped to influence the decision with a paid research trial. The manufacturer’s goals are still unclear, but it may not be surprising considering it is a giant pharmaceutical corporation. Many like to prevent the sales of herbal remedies and alternative medicine.

Where Is Kratom Banned in the United States?

Indiana and Tennessee have now made the herbal remedy illegal. All other states have kept it legal but that is not guaranteed to remain that way. Other states are looking into the dangers and are considering banning it. Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii and Vermont are all considering this option right now.

Many are questioning this decision considering there have been no reported deaths, illnesses or injuries due to the use of the drug. It seems that politics is more involved than the states will admit.

Can you Get Kratom Online in Tennessee?

It is still legal to buy kratom in other states except the two currently making it illegal. It is also legal to buy it in most countries around the world. When you do buy it, make sure it is from someone you can trust. The good news is finding online vendors is relatively easy because people have already done the hard work. Get onto the forums that help those looking for kratom vendors and you are sure to find recommendations for where to start.

Kratom King is a good vendor for customer service, selection, price and shipping times. There are offices in the US, which offers extra protection for those worried about the legal status of the drug. You can also cut out the international custom costs and times. You’ll find that U.S. vendors will also ship the same day so you get your products sooner.

Kratom fans are not happy about the decision to ban kratom in Nashville and other parts of Tennessee, especially since it is legally available in most other states and countries around the globe.

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