How Long Does Kratom Stay in your System? Duration of Half-Life

kratom half life duration

Understand the Kratom half life and the amount of time that it takes the properties to start working. This is very important when it comes to herbal remedies, and Kratom is no exception. Surely, you will have expectations, and you should know how a particular remedy will be advantageous. How long does Kratom provide benefits?

Although it been around for many years and has been an integral part of folk medicine, there still is not enough information about Kratom. But, as more and more people start to use it, it is being studied. We will eventually learn how the leaves of this particular tree impact the body. How long does Kratom last? What types of benefits does it provide? The following are some of the things that we currently know about Kratom.

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How Long Does Kratom Stay in your System?

The leaves of Kratom have a lot of natural compounds known as alkaloids. They bind to cell receptors when we consume them, and this produces strong benefits for both your mind and body. The term “half life of effects”, means the amount of time that the alkaloids work within your body. But, you must take this amount and double it if you really want to know how long it lasts in the body.

Kratom’s main alkaloid is known as mitragynine. It has a half life of around 3.5 hours. Another well known alkaloid, 7-hydroxy-mitragynine, has a half life of around 2.5 hours. Remember, you must double this amount, which means that it really lasts about five to seven hours. These are not the only two Kratom alkaloids. There are others as well that have a half life.

Different Alkaloids have Different Half-Lives

Some of the other alkaloids have shorter and longer half lives than the two main alkaloids in Kratom. Some of them you are able to feel, but others you won’t even know that they exist. While the ones that you can feel will last about four to five hours, they affect your health in ways that you cannot feel. These types of benefits are known as adrenergic effects, and they can last for ten or more hours.

Duration of Kratom Effects and Benefits

For the person who does not use Kratom that much, an alkaloid list is not as practical as the more useful terms that we usually see on its packages. If you really want to determine how long Kratom will last, learn all that you can about its various strains. Basically, you can ascertain this information if you know the leaf color.

Green Leaves. These leaves are the strongest. They provide a lot of strong energy that lasts a long time. When taken in the right way, certain stains like Maeng Da have been known to last for eight hours or more.

Red Leaves. These are very popular because they provide the most relaxation of all of the colors. They provide a gradual sedative feeling that has a long lasting effect. Most of these benefits will last about five hours, but there are some people that claim that they may last about ten hours.

White Leaves. This strain gives you the most energy. You will feel a fast rush that is very intense. Unfortunately, this intensity only lasts about three or five hours. White leaves will probably work best if you only have a short of amount of your day that can be dedicated to Kratom use.

You might not know how a particular stain of Kratom might impact you but, it can still work within your body for many hours. It can be beneficially in terms of your health and do things such as reduce your blood pressure, and prevent cell damage.

How to Make Kratom Last Longer

You can make a Kratom extract by boiling the leaves to get a dense resin. Then crush the resin. An extract is extremely concentrated, which means that a small dose has a high potency. Extracts can give you a really intense experience, but it won’t last any longer than what you could get with regular Kratom powders.

However, if the packing says that it is enhanced, then this can provide the longest experience. “Enhanced” means that it is a mixture of both extract and powder. Products such as Ultra Enhanced Indo are so enhanced that many users claim that it can last as long as ten hours.

If you really want to make Kratom last longer, be certain that you use the right dosage so that you will not build up tolerances. Just alternate the kinds of products that you use. Do not take Kratom capsules any more than a few times weekly. Not everyone has the same body chemistry. So use this time to try different types of leaves at various times of the day. Also take your diet into consideration. As time goes on, you will determine what works best for you, as well as which one lasts the longest. Kratom’s half-life is something that you can influence depending on your method of using it.

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