Lucky Kratom Review of Liquid and Capsule Products

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There are a range of kratom product brand names available, and Lucky Kratom is one of those. Branded kratom products is a relatively new thing. The herbal product primarily originates from Southeast Asia, and was originally only available from farmers and growers in its raw form. Lucky Kratom has a range of capsules, liquids, and other forms of Mitragyna Speciosa strains. The question is whether products from the US that end up going through extra processing are really that trustworthy and pure. Is it worth consumers paying such high prices for something like this? It is worth considering the pros and cons of the branded versions compared to the traditional herbal remedy.

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Lucky Kratom Review

The old-fashioned style of Lucky Kratom labels makes them very easy to spot when in a store or looking online. The logo is used on many products, but branding is also found elsewhere. The company uses it on processing equipment and repacking, among other needs. The details of the goals and procedures of processes is unknown, so it is unclear whether the standards of quality are maintained. The selection form Lucky Kratom includes jumbo capsules, powders and liquid extracts.

Capsule note: the quantities online are very small. The Maeng Da Full Spectrum has just two capsules in a packet, while the Full Spectrum Alkaloid Capsule packets contain just three. That is just one to two doses for$16 to $26. The image on the site makes the packaging look very large, so it is understandable that people believe they will receive a traditional sized option for their money.

Lucky Kratom Capsules and Liquids

Consumers who want to make the most of their money will want to avoid Lucky Kratom capsules and liquids. The high prices are extremely shocking, even just for the traditional powder. It’s worth looking into the competitors to find the most affordable. For an idea of pricing and competition: 25g of Borneo Kratom at Lucky Kratom is $27.50, but at Quick Kratom it is $14.

That is almost two times the amount, for the exact same product. This extreme pricing continues throughout the website, for branded and non-branded products. You don’t need to pay these prices, when other US-based sites offer options at a much lower cost.

The problem is that Lucky Kratom is using its social media to convince customers they need to pay more. Those who are looking into buying the product for the first time will see a Facebook ad and not realize that there are cheaper and better options out there. It requires a little research that some people will not do.

Testimonials and Customer Comments

Lucky Kratom does have a respectable brand on social media. The business practices are fair, and consumers are not scammed out of their money. However, this is something consumers expect from all companies. It’s worth looking into consumer reviews to see what others say about the products.

When it comes to consumers, the products are not favorable for potency or effects. There are claims that are exaggerated on the site. The company claims that a 1oz tincture or 30x strength extract is stronger than 36g of Maeng Da. Yes, the strengths will be higher, but usually not to the amount claimed. The truth is that 20x extractions are the highest most can go, so the rest is just hype. It makes sense that so many consumers are let down by the brand.

Lucky Kratom has a signature product called the Lucky Lotus pink lotus flower extract. There is no information about the ingredients used, so many users are too afraid to try it. It makes sense. You want to know what is in a herbal remedy before you even think about trying it, right?

The prices of the products is the one thing that most people dislike about the company. There’s no need to pay so much when there are now so many different kratom options available online. Lucky Kratom does have a good marketing plan, and uses great branding. However, that is as far as the positives go. The hype and exaggerated claims of effectiveness is a bad sign right away. While the traditional products do look good, the prices are too inflated to make them a reasonable option. There is a theory that the marketing and labeling has led to higher costs and the company gets that back through consumers. Those who really want Kratom products would be best looking into other options. Avoid the flash, and opt for pure kratom leaves or powder from the source.

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