Mayan Kratom Review, Effects and Buying Plus Capsules

mayan kratom plus reviews

Vendor Mayan Kratom has had a long uneasy history with the Internet Kratom community. Based on the numbers, it’s supposedly the number three Mitragyna Speciosa herb vendor in the U.S. Many highly reputable retailers like Kratom-K stock this. However, the company owner has a criminal history that has been marred with legal controversy, causing the community to question about the practices of the company. The Kratom Association forum has also blacklisted it.

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Mayan Kratom Review

Mayan Kratom has labeled itself as being an FDA-compliant dietary supplement with 100 percent organic and natural Kratom. There’s little additional information the vendor mentions about the product quality. There’s no data on the website about the product’s source, strain, harvesting grade and vein color.

It’s important that any business you decide to purchase from tells you where the strain originates and the vein color. The reason is that various strains of the same plant can produce different experiences and have different properties.

Now, Mayan Kratom Plus has one generic name leaf and cost about $25 per one ounce. You can only choose between capsules or crushed leaf, usually paying two times more than other Kratom products. Bali Kratom and Indo Kratom sell around $12 for every ounce and super-powerful strains that sell for more than $20 per one ounce.

Wesley Todd and Kratom Association

A good deal of the press the company is afflicted with comes from its CEO Wesley Todd. Todd’s goal was to endorse Kratom as a worthwhile alternative to prescription medication, which has a host of dangers associated with them.

In a Forbes post, Todd said he became addicted to pain meds after he was injured in a motorcycle accident that caused him a lot of pain. Todd said he worried about the possible lethal side effects along with the cost of those meds. He said he tried Kratom and he never took pain medications again.

Despite the success, Mayan Kratom was tarnished when it was learned that Todd was a convicted felon and had been charged with four different criminal offenses including Grand Theft. Since this release, more people have switched to other places to find their Mitragyna Speciosa, refusing to do anymore business with Mayan Kratom.

Mayan Kratom Problems and Concerns

There have been other issues plaguing Mayan Kratom such as the attempted assassination of the CEO by rival brand called Lucky Kratom. said Michael Pilney allegedly offered seven pounds of cocaine to undercover DEA agents to keep his share of the market. He was also upset because Todd used to work for his company.

These issues are still being dealt with in court, but there many folks in the community that wonder if the publicity is causing more harm to the herb. Most people who have used Kratom know how it can help the body – reliving pain, bringing back focus and bettering one’s mood. Still, the media is portraying the herb as a legal opiate, which is not what it is. According to users on the forum, Mayan Kratom capsules could actually be leading to this negative issue both from its CEO’s actions and bad marketing.

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