The Most Potent Kratom Strains, Products and Extracts For Sale in 2014

most potent kratom

The thing that all of the most potent strains of Kratom have in common is that they deliver an experience that elevates and enhances every system in the body bringing about optimal physical and mental functioning. There are dozens of strains of the Mitragyna Speciosa Tree all over Southeast Asia, but only a few are considered the most potent. Your favorite will not necessarily be the same as someone else’s pick as it all depends on one’s emotional state, body chemistry and of course the quality of your Kratom. But there are a few strains that are considered to be of the highest potency in spite of any external factors. This article discusses the potent few that stand out above all others.

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What Makes Kratom More Potent?

The leaves make all the difference in level of potency. The Kratom leaves are full of alkaloids which occur naturally in the plant. These alkaloids can have a dramatic effect on mental functioning and mood, on the physical response to pain and how the sympathetic nervous system works. Each and every Kratom leaf contains a minimum of 40 of these alkaloid compounds, which interact with each other and our body chemistry to create the benefits mentally and physically.

The unique conditions occurring in the area where the Kratom plant grows inspires the growth of alkaloids. Kratom has grown indigenously in Southeast Asia for many centuries. This region has warm, humid air and soil that is extremely fertile and this is the perfect environment to nurture the seedlings and the alkaloids naturally develop as the Kratom plants begin to mature. The wind conditions in the region also contribute to the formation of alkaloids in the leaves. This is why every plant and strain has different characteristics.

Another factor that plays a part in the strength of the end product is the way in which the plant is harvested. When very skilled farmers, using ancient traditions prepare the leaves for shipment the potential is there for the strongest possible potency. The size of the leaf and the length of the stem also contribute to the potency of the end product which is made from the crushed leaves.

Highest Potency Kratom Strains

In order to find the most concentrated, most potent strains of Kratom we need only listen to the experienced users which count in the millions. With all the message boards, reviews and comments on the internet there is a plethora of information to guide us. We don’t need to involve ourselves in the science of how Kratom is grown and harvested.

Bali Red Veined Kratom:

We hear over and over again people raving about the magic of Red Bali Kratom. It’s been called the most potent strain of the red leaf variation. This particular strain provides a profoundly relaxing experience and the effects evolve gradually and can last for perhaps 6 hours or even longer. Reports are that a state of calm envelopes the mind and the body which apparently feels like total contentment and bliss.

Borneo White Veined Kratom

This strain of White Borneo Kratom has been mentioned as one of the very best in terms of effects of all white strains available. It’s well-known for providing a blast of powerful energy that can last all day long, yet at the same time it’s described as feeling very natural. And the best part is that this energy is not accompanied with agitation or the jitters which is common with coffee. If you’re depressed that’ll be lifted, you’ll be able to focus and concentrate intensely and it brings about a prolonged sense of complete euphoria.

Green Veined Malaysian Kratom

The green strains of Kratom are famous for their wide ranging and comprehensive effects which provide users with aspects of both white and red leaf benefits. Products made from Green Malay Kratom deliver a ton of health benefits while at the same time creating a sense of calm and a boost in energy. The effects are felt quickly and strongly and can remain for 3 to 6 hours.

Most Potent Kratom Extracts

Extracts might be worth a try for users wanting an even more profound effect than the strains of Kratom with the most potency can deliver. Extracts are very concentrated formulations of Kratom and are made creating a resin from boiling the leaves down. The resin is crushed into a 15x extract powder which can be used on its own or mixed with another Kratom powder. If taking it alone, you must take it in very small doses. Extracts are an extremely powerful version of their original leaves and should be used with caution.

Other Powerful Products on the Market

Blending two or more strong Kratom powders together is the newest way to boost the effects of Kratom. These are called blends or fusions and they are the practice of custom combining different strains of Kratom powders. The combination creates a completely unique experience with powerful effects. The Borneo Blend is a fusion consisting of white, red and green strains all mixed together. It delivers an amazing and unforgettable experience.

When using the most potent Kratom products make sure you adjust the dosage to your own particular needs and for maximum enjoyment. Don’t forget to use caution and when using Kratom “less might be more” especially with the strains that deliver an energy boost. When you start using one of these wonderfully harvested, very potent strains you need to begin slowly, measuring the effects and gradually work your way up to the dosage that works best for you. This gradual strategy will keep you from developing a tolerance as well as help you avoid side effects. It will also prolong the effects and allow you to get a lot more enjoyment out of the experience.

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