OPMS Kratom Silver Capsules, Liquids and Extracts Review

opms kratom

One of the leading brands of Kratom extract tinctures and extract capsules is Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa which is also known as OPMs Kratom. This brand is known for using a proprietary method of extraction which results in one of the strongest extracts on the market. There are a lot of reviews online touting this brand as the best Kratom available for sale in 2014. The reviewers say this brand offers outstanding benefits for:
• Relieving anxiety
• Creating a feeling of euphoria
• Pain relief
• Treating addiction
It’s important to be cautious when ordering OPMs Kratom and realize that it may have an increased risk of side effects and for developing a tolerance than some other similar products on the market. It’s also somewhat more expensive.

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O.P.M.S. Kratom Review

This brand is made from Maeng Da Kratom and is an extremely concentrated extract that comes in both liquid tincture and capsule forms. The proprietary method for extracting the alkaloid content uses cold water under high pressure instead of the usual alcohol solvent or hot water method. This method is said to produce an extract that contains up to 95% of the original alkaloid content of the Kratom leaf. This manufacturer claims that this percentage of alkaloid in the extract exceeds that produced by any other extraction process known today.

The reviews online seem to agree with this claim. Many users have posted highly positive reviews of OPMs online which can be viewed on certain blogs focused on Mitragyna Speciosa trees. But when taking a closer look there is some missing information which should be known before you buy this extract. A reliable supplier should state the extraction factor achieved from their process. Most extracts reveal this by stating 15x, 25x or even 50x potency. This information is not revealed by OPMs which makes it really difficult to determine the correct dosage for you.

OPMs Kratom Silver Capsules

Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa Kratom happens to be very expensive when compared to other extract products. The Kratom-K website offers packages containing only 2 capsules for a price of $14.95 which means 1 capsule costs $7.48. Many of the other top quality capsules containing a Kratom extract sell for $2 to $4 per capsule. But to be fair we would need to find out the precise extraction factor to make a proper comparison.

The tincture comes in at an even higher price point on the Kratom-K website. An 8ml bottle of OPMS liquid Kratom sells for $19.95. The website says that 8ml has the same alkaloid content as 12g of Maeng Da leaf.

Buy Kratom Online at Better Prices

Everyone needs to figure out the economics for themselves when deciding if it’s worth it to buy OPMs or whether it makes more sense to stick with the crushed leaves or the powdered Maeng Da Kratom. Maeng Da powder, not an extract, sells for $22 an oz. which comes to $8.80 for 12g. So when you compare this price to the price of the tincture you end up paying 2 to 3 times more when buying OPMs liquid extract as opposed to the powdered Kratom.

Some people may think it’s worth the extra cost just to have the convenience or perhaps for the higher strength they perceive in the OPMs Kratom. But for people who use this on a regular or even semi-regular basis it probably makes more sense to buy the less expensive crushed leaves or the powder.

What is the Best OPMS Kratom to Buy

There’s a common misconception in the marketing of Kratom suggesting that extracts are a better way to go in terms of providing a stronger effect rather than using the traditional crushed Kratom leaves or powder. The marketing is misleading in that the extracts contain the alkaloids of the Kratom leaf which have been removed from the plant which makes the product more concentrated. This means that when you use a 15x extract you would need just 500mg of it to get the same effects as taking 7.5g of the Kratom powder.

The effects are going to be basically the same unless the powder you’re using has somehow been enhanced with a form of synthetic alkaloid which you should absolutely avoid altogether. The only advantage of the extracts is that you just need to take a smaller dose to get the desired effects. Extracts require a smaller package because with regular strength powder if it’s packaged in capsules you can only put 500mg in 1 capsule so you would need to gulp down 15 capsules to get the same effect you would get by using a 15x Kratom extract.

Online User Reviews and Experiences with OPMs

There are quite a number of reviews and testimonials online touting the positive benefits and effects of OPMs. The ratings have been excellent so these cannot be ignored. But you also have to consider that OPMs are really just a natural extract that has not been enhanced in any way and is made from the Maeng Da Leaf that the Maeng Da powder is made from. So the effects should be the same if you take the equivalent dosage of the powder vs. the capsules.

Plus there is considerable evidence that those using extracts have a higher risk of developing a tolerance to Kratom alkaloids and of experiencing some side effects caused by the much higher dosages. It just may not be worth the higher price, especially if you plan on using it regularly or long-term.

Another objection we have is with the acronym OPMs Kratom. It seems as if the intention is to imply that the Kratom leaf is somehow connected to opium. We do not think this is a smart way to market this product because it gives the impression that you are getting a “legal high” or that OPMs Kratom is a substitute for opium. This can influence people to unsafe use and also jeopardizes the potential legality of all the Kratom products. In our opinion the marketing of any Kratom product should focus on the positive natural benefits of the plant and not connect these with opioids.

Warning: Kratom OPM is NOT OPMS Kratom

OPMS Kratom is sometimes confused with another brand of extracts called Kratom OPM or Organic Pleasure Management. These are two different manufacturers although the OPM products have actually been created to seem like OPMS Kratom. When you look online you will notice that certain vendors have warnings posted on their websites regarding counterfeit OPMs Kratom and caution buyers to find the lot and serial numbers which are printed on both the front and back of the packaging of the authentic products.

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7 thoughts on “OPMS Kratom Silver Capsules, Liquids and Extracts Review

  1. Tryed the o.p.m.s silver kratom Malay special reserve.One took out the pills and 7 of them did not have the brand on them like the other one’s in the package did that strike me wrong is that normal or not?Can it be counterfeit I mean I look for all the right brandings on the package and look legit.Anyways I have took already 8 pills the one’s with the branding and it has about 3 hours any feel nothing,what do you guys think ?I got gip, or are they fake or what?I have never took a green vein before,I usually like the red veins been an ex heroin addict.That’s how I got turn on to kratom help alot and save from the misery of opiate withdrawal hell.But yeah so far have not felt this strain of o.p.m.s silver Malay kratom.

  2. No John, you did not get gipped or receive fakes. From my long term experience, the contents of the Silver branded package will always be one of the following: all marked with the leaves and o.p.m.s., or all marked with only leaves, or all no marking, or a mix of marked/nonmarked. The Silver line is of lower potency/quality and therefore doesn’t have as much quality control or security measures like authenticy serial number branding.

    What happened was you are like many of us, like myself, whom get very little to no relief or effect from Malay Special Reserve. I quit trying strains long ago and just stick with what works – maeng da (silver)

    Fyi – I have come to find that avoiding anything labled as “Special” is a good rule of thumb these days…. That word started loosing credibility with me back in grade school. Really confusing time trying yo figure out what special really meant. Too many meanings now, and who knows which is meant in this case with Maylay…. My experience leads me to believe that special reseve means a slower and lower potential grade Maylay. (I hope this does not offend anyone as it was written as opinion only and contains a legitimate argument. Not meant to poke fun or insult anyone whom is and/or is close to somone special. We are all beautiful and blessed with life!)

  3. opms is surprisingly effective. I never thought that extracts could be so effective. I usually buy the whole leaf. Overall I like the feeling but many reviewers compare it to Vicodin it is true in positive and very negative ways as in I am one big itch. Been scratching my ass off. I don’t know how I will be able to have my next bowl movement. My hunch is that this stuff is not much less addictive than Vic’s. That being said I have oral surgery coming up and I will be combing a few files of that with my full leaf plus what ever my oral surgeon under prescribes, otherwise I think it would be wise to STAY CLEAR.

  4. Even the Internet kratom I get I use maybe once every one or two months. Mu receptor = addiction. Not condoning making it illegal as people have the right to get pain relief without having to rely on there doctors. 30 min wait and 80 dollar bill when the body can heal itself if it can relax without pain interfering! But I’m not a modern hippy saying it is totally non addictive because it’s natural. Poison ivy is natural but I’m not going to rub it on my body. They make it so if you pronounce opm your saying opium. Anyway, don’t take it daily unless you have chronic pain and your addicted to pain pills anyway. Be careful even than as if kratom has anti tussive effects it means it could make you forget to breath combined with your opiates.

  5. I have Lower Limb Dystonia in both my Calves & get 100 units of Botox every 3 months in each calves. Dystonia is involuntary contractions of muscles. For me at time’s my calves feel like they are going to burst when I am on my feet to much & it feels like a surge of electricity constantly running through my calves. It is the worst thing I have had to live with & I have alot of health problems & severe Peripheral Neuropathy is one of them but it is under control pretty well. I can’t be real active or it aggravates my Dystonia,plus I don’t like the idea having poison injected into my body every 3 months. And my Neurologist said the insurance companies are getting stricter approving Botox because of the high cost. I went from being a tough strong man that use to be real active to where I am sitting & laying around 3/4 of the day & my hiking & climbing Mts is over plus I had to quit working because of it & numerous other health problems. I was wondering if Kartom Silver might help & what type to try. Is there anyway you can contact the company to find out if it might benefit me.

    1. It will help with the pain which is a start but your best bet for possibly solving the problem is The Feldenkrais Method otherwise known as awareness through movement. It is people’s typical best chance to get over problems like this. Because this movement is meant to be small be careful doing lessons on kratom or a traditional opiate. Being in less pain is always good but kratom is more or less the same as a traditional opiate which in a way makes it a wonder drug but not in the way you want it to be and I doubt there are not many wonder drugs like that out there. That said kratom for pain and Feldenkrais for therapy could possibly be a good combination. But try to avoid taking it during lessons as the movements are meant to be smaller and pain is definitely meant to be avoided when doing these movements. It’s hard to avoid pain when you can’t feel it as much. It is also known as AWARENESS through movement. Kratom will make you less aware.

      Finally I have felt strands of kratom that didn’t feel like anything and strands that felt codeine # 4 to strands that felt like oxycodone. Dependency on traditional opiates will also be a factor on how well kratom works for you, but opms extracts are definitely the stronger extracts although opms gold is the real strong one.

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