Riau Kratom Reviews and Comparison of Red vs. Green Vein Effects

riau kratom

Riau Kratom is a relatively new strain of the Mitragyna Speciosa leaf can be found on a number of vendor websites. Riau Kratom is the strain that originates from an area of Indonesia of the island of Sumatra. It was once sold under the name “Sumatra Kratom”, it’s grown in popularity with more and more people looking to try unusual products. Both the Green and Red Riau Kratom leaves have properties that ensures a worthy time for all users.

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A Look At Riau Kratom

One of the biggest bulk suppliers for Riau Kratom powders is BikHuk, which once said the strain is reaped and gathered from wild-grown trees of Riau’s key and secondary rain forest. The dried leaves powder is because of innovative harvest, drying and processing methods.

The perfect climate that sees the growth of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree has similar traits with the Borneo and Sumatra Indonesia regions. Many of the strain’s effects have close ties to the other strains in the region, but have a unique flair that makes it stand out among the experienced users. For one, it’s much sweeter, which is why people often seek it out. Kratom tends to be extremely nasty to the taste buds.

Green Vein Riau Leaves

Green Vein Riau Kratom sits at the other part of the spectrum, which can be readily identified by its greenish-like color of the central vein. The coloration means there are various concentrations of the alkaloids in the leaves and generate varying effects. For the most part, green central vein Kratom leaves is far more stimulating and energizing when it’s in small doses. It also provides a mental effect, usually seen with deep concentration and motivation.

The effects of the Riau powder, when compared to the other green strains, tends to be shorter and generates a relaxing feeling. There are some users who suffer with insomnia or General Anxiety Disorder that steer clear of Green Veined Kratom strains – Super Green Malay, for instance – due to the over-stimulation it can produce. For these folks, Green Riau is a far better option because it can generate a sedative feeling. In fact, reviews stipulate that it helps to maintain a balance that keeps them alert and can concentrate.

Red Vein Riau Leaves

The Red Riau, which has painkilling and anxiolytic properties, tends to be extremely relaxing. This leaf of Indonesia tends to be less intense than some of its rivals like Red Thai and Red Bali. However, it provides an array of benefits such as being a:

• Mood enhancer
• Muscle relaxant
• Natural anti-anxiety treatment

The Red Vein Riau has a lot of commonality with the Red Veined Sumatra powder, which is also euphoric, although according to reviews it has a very calming effect. According to user reviews, it’s got a mellow strain that creates some very pleasant effects on both body and mind. Riau Kratom pills are not as bitter to the taste, which is why it can easily be used in herbal teas or consumed raw.

Where Can You Purchase Riau Kratom?

As it currently stands, only a small amount of vendors have the Green and Red Vein Riau Kratom leaves because it’s not near as popular as the Borneo or Sumatran strains. With more consumers use the leaves and share it with the online community, it’s expected that more companies will follow suit and start carrying them. As it stands, the three sources of Riau Kratom are:

• Kratom Collection
• Deep Jungle Kratom
• Green Leaf Kratom

Bear in mind that you need to be cautious on where you purchase this type of product from. Therefore, you need to do a little homework before you spend your hard-earned money for Riau Kratom.

If you’re looking to purchase Riau Kratom, you can purchase 28 grams for $16 at Kratom-K.com, a highly reputable vendor that offers free shipping on orders of more than $75. You can purchase the white, green or red powder or capsules.

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  1. Green Vein Riau is actually pretty good. Not particularly potent but it works when you need something. It seems genuinely balanced, both a pick-me-up quality and a slight relaxation. There isn’t a whopping euphoria though, but it’s there. I’d certainly buy it again.

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