What is the Best and Strongest Kratom Extract or Strain?

strongest kratom extract

If you’re searching for the strongest kratom product on the market you need to find out where it comes from, the harvesting procedure and what kind of preparation was used on it. At the same time you need to know what kind of experience you’re after taking into consideration your individual tastes and your body’s tolerances. You must personalize your approach so that you find the best product for what you want out of this herbal remedy. Knowing all of that, there are some very strong strains that have proven to be effective for all users. Here is a list of some popular favorites in different categories.

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Strongest Kratom Strains

The Mitragyna Speciosa tree which grows in Southeast Asia thriving in a balmy client produces leaves that are full of very strong natural alkaloids. These compounds produce a whole range of benefits mentally and physically and these alkaloids are what give kratom its power and potency.

The most effective way to ingest these alkaloids is by grinding up the dried out leaves until it’s powdered and then eating the powder. There is a lot of variety when it comes to the powders. These trees grow in different regions and because of that they can create different effects ranging from being more relaxing to being more energizing.

Maeng Da – The Best Strain to Use

One particular plant which grows in Thailand is known for having the best of both worlds when it comes to effects. This is called the Maeng Da strain and while it’s multi-faceted it is not advised for new users. This strain is probably the most potent of all varieties of kratom providing better pain relief throughout the entire body than any other strain. The level of euphoria it produces is so intense that it eliminates all anxieties, stresses and worries.

When used in lower doses it’s proven to have a very powerful energizing effect while boosting concentration and motivation. Many people rely on this to help them tackle their work day. When taken in larger doses, Maeng Da Kratom acts as a strong sedative and is very effective in relieving intense chronic pain and in minimizing severe panic attacks.

The Best Kratom Extracts

People have been making extracts for centuries using the same ancient method on various foods and herbs. An extract of kratom can be made by boiling the leaves over a long time span. This will cause all the moisture in the plant to evaporate leaving behind a resin rich in alkaloid. Some users like using extracts because a tiny dose packs a big punch. When you grind the resin into a powder you can add it to other kratom powders to increase their power.

The power of an extract is determined by how much of the plant is needed to make a gram of the product. An example of this is if you see a rating of 15x this means that 15 times as much of the plant was used to make 1g of extract. You might sometimes see an extract with a very large concentration rating like 50x or 100x but this cannot be accurate as it’s physically impossible.

Is Stronger Always Better?

The largest extracts possible would be in the 15x to 20x range. If you see anything higher it’s very suspicious and I wouldn’t buy it. Also it seems that our bodies have an upper limit for extracts in terms of how much we can actually process at one time. This is similar to our body’s upper limit on vitamin C, which is 1000mg. A kratom extract higher than 20x would normally be expelled as waste and not worth the money. So stick with concentrations no higher than 15x to 20x.

How to Get the Best Effects from Kratom

If you’re planning on using a very strong extract it’s vital to adjust the dosage to the optimal amount which is somewhere between the lower threshold and the maximum quantity that will create the desired positive effect without any of the negative side-effects. When you take it in higher doses the sedative effect will be very strong and most users just don’t want any more.

At these upper dosages the side-effects are more likely to occur like nausea and headaches. This is actually why people don’t overdose on kratom because continuing to take it is just plain unpleasant. So it’s important for anyone using kratom to stick to the recommended dosages, keeping in mind their own needs.

When using Maeng Da, a very strong powder which is conventionally produced, people seem totally satisfied by using 1g to 3g. That’s all that is needed to produce the desired effects. Some very experienced users might take as much as 5g to 6g hoping for a stronger, more lasting effect but dosages that exceed 10g are really not needed.

In fact extracts have stronger efficacy when taken in lower doses. Taking a dose of 0.5g to 1g are perfectly good places to start for most people. Taking over 3g of an extract is ill advised. If you want to boost the power of your usual powder you might just add a 0.5g pinch and that’s all that’s needed.

Preventing Tolerance with Powerful Strains and Extracts

When you’re using any powerful herbal product you can avoid the risks of tolerance by modifying your usual routine. Never take the extra-strength kratom products more than one time a day or over three times in a week. It’s best to vary the strains and there is no reason whatsoever to increase your dosage if it’s been giving you the desired results. If you feel like you’re building a tolerance then you’ve got to take a break for at least a week and maybe longer. Adjust your kratom use in this manner. Stay in tune with your body and be aware of the effects so that you can enjoy the product without taking any risks.

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