USA Kratom Legal Status by States and FDA Ban in 2014

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Many residents of the United States, especially those in the Midwest, often ask whether Kratom is legal where they live. A few states, including Indiana, have banned the use of Kratom. A few other states are considering following suit. Indiana’s law in particular has some really vague wording that makes it especially important to be aware of your local laws regarding Kratom. The ambiguous wording has led to a lot of speculation and conflicting reports in the media regarding the legal status of Kratom in Indiana. Kratom is, in fact, against the law in Indiana. That said, let’s take a closer look at the law to help clear up any misconceptions.

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Is Kratom Illegal in Some States?

On March 15, 2012, Kratom enthusiasts were disappointed to read the headline: “Governor Signs House Bill 1196 Into Law”. In this move, Governor Mitch Daniels approved legislation banning the manufacture, sale, financing or possession with intent to sell certain substances, including marijuana, salvia, hashish, hash oil, and synthetic cannabinoids. Whether possession is classified as a misdemeanor or felony depends upon the amount in question. Two grams is the cutoff, an amount that is less than a single dose for most users, and it becomes a Class D Felony.

Kratom USA Laws

You’ll notice Kratom is not on this list, nor is it even remotely related to any item on the list. It seems that legislators are considering Kratom to be a ‘synthetic cannabinoid’. This is rather ridiculous, as Kratom comes from a plant that grows naturally and it is not chemically processed, and the alkaloids present in Kratom are not cannabinoids. This tendency to confuse Kratom with marijuana and salvia shows a distinct lack of accurate information being provided to legislators and to the public.

Since House Bill 1196 was passed, the legislature in Indiana has amended to the law to officially ban mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine,the active compounds that occur naturally in the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. It is aggravating to think that something that occurs naturally and is so beneficial would be outlawed by lawmakers thousands of miles from where it is grown. The same is being considered in Canada as well.

Remarks on the Legal Status

Perhaps one day these laws will be successfully challenged, but for now it is not legal to buy, sell or possess Kratom in Indiana. We choose to believe that misguided fear for public safety is behind these new laws. However, Kratom has been shown over and over to be totally harmless, completely natural and beneficial to users. This makes it hard to understand why it would be illegal.

Interestingly, a similar law was passed in Thailand, where Kratom is grown, in 1943. This law was passed because it was competing with opium. While the situation in Indiana isn’t quite the same, it is a parallel of a world of politics that exists only to serve itself rather than the public welfare. Play it safe. If you live in Indiana, don’t risk an encounter with the law. There are ways to work to change laws, but that’s a goal that is difficult to accomplish from behind bars.

What About the Rest of the United States?

Right now Indiana is the only state that outright bans the use of Kratom through the entire state, but there are a couple of other states that are working on similar legislation including Arizona, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, and Vermont. In addition, as at least one county in Florida has passed local laws against Kratom. If you live in the United States, especially if you live in any of these areas, stay aware of new updates and call your representative if you have questions

2014 Legal Status of Kratom in the USA

Local laws, especially those surrounding alternative medicines and herbal remedies, are constantly changing. Laws are frequently updated to reflect current mainstream public opinion. We can only hope that as Kratom gains popularity, that research will be conducted that will prove what users have long known, that Kratom is safe and possesses many beneficial effects. We can only hope that Kratom will soon be legally available for purchase in the entire United States, including Indiana.

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