Super Green Malay Kratom Powder Review, Effects and Dosages

super green malay kratom

Super Green Malay Kratom boasts powerful effects that fit in well with the amazing history and terrain of the nation of Malaysia where it is grown. Malaysia consists of two land masses that are divided by the China sea. This area has been inhabited for about 40,000 years. During that time, Mitragyna Speciosa, the tree from which Kratom is produced, have grown. The fertile hills from which Malaysia gets its name are the perfect environment for growing the herbaceous tree. Let’s take a closer look at one of the most highly prized medicinal herbs to come out of this part of the world.

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Super Malaysian Kratom

In understanding this variety of Kratom, it is important to understand what is meant by the word ‘Super’. Super isn’t simply marketing hype, the word refers to a very specific harvesting technique. Super Kratom means that the farmers that harvest the leaves only harvest the largest leaves from the trees. The larger leaves have higher concentrations of the active compounds that produce Kratom’s effects. So using only the ‘super-sized’ leaves from the trees maximizes the concentrations of active compounds in the final product. These active compounds are responsible for the mood enhancing health benefits of Kratom.

When the word ‘super’ is used on a Kratom product name or description, you can be assured it will be quite powerful. Other words that have specific meanings in the context of Kratom include ‘premium’, which means the stems have been carefully removed, and ‘enhanced’ which means that the powder has concentrated active compounds added.
The other important part of this product name is ‘green’. Like most leaves, Kratom leaves are green, but a closer look reveals that the leaves have distinctly colored veins. The color of the veins tells you what you can expect to experience from that leaf. Leaves with green veins have a wide range of effects that tend to cover the spectrum of the other varieties.

Green Malay Kratom Effects

What can you expect to experience from the green veined varieties? With Green Malay Kratom, you can expect all of the major effects Kratom is so well known for.

• Long lasting energy without caffeine jitters
• Increased concentration and clarity
• Relief from muscle and joint pain
• Relief of gastrointestinal issues
• Stress and anxiety relief
• Relaxation
• Normalize sleep cycles
• Calmness of mind
• Less social anxiety and easier social interactions
• Relief from symptoms of chronic conditions
• Feelings of optimism
• Euphoria
• Reduced blood pressure

In addition to these benefits, Kratom contains powerful antioxidants that go to work repairing damaged cell and enhancing immunity. Some even claim that the powerful compounds are able to fight cancer.

With such a long list of benefits, it’s no surprise that that the leaves have been used for so long in Malaysia. As the internet makes the world smaller, it is easier for people around the globe to take advantage of these benefits.

Dosages for Super Green Malay

This versatile variety is effective at a wide range of doses. The minimum dose needed to produce effects is about a gram. The standard dose for most users is 3-6 grams, and 10 grams is the maximum dose for most users. Smaller doses produce more stimulating effects, while larger doses have the opposite effect and will induce greater feelings of calm. For this reason, as you become more experienced with Kratom you will be able to choose your dose based on what you hope to achieve.

Malaysian Kratom User Reviews

Green Malay Kratom is one of the most frequently reviewed strains on the internet. Users really like its consistency and complex effects. Green Vein Malaysian strains are strong enough for the experienced user, but gentle enough at low doses for new users. Dose for dose, many users find Malay Kratom to be one of the best bargains available online. Super Green Malay can often be purchased for less than a dollar a dose, and even less with the purchase of larger quantities. Red veined Malay strains are another great variety. Comparing the similarities and differences between these two products will offer an overview of the quality of Kratom produced in this country. Many thousands of years of evolution have produced some powerful medicinal plants.

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