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When people are trying Kratom for the first time, they tend to use the capsules as a safe bet. Capsules generally cost more than buying Kratom leaves and powder in bulk because of the extra production costs that go into it. However, if you like the convenience that Kratom capsules give, then you won’t mind the price all that much. With capsules, all you need to do is swallow them like any other pill or supplement you take, using water or juice to help you out. Bear in mind that Kratom capsules can be found in a number of strains such as:

• Red Thai
• Red Bali
• UEI Kratom
• Maeng Da

They also come in varying sizes. The dosage amount you go with will dictate how many pills a day you take. Of course, in saying that, you need to know where to go on the Internet to purchase Kratom capsules and for a good price.

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Where Can You Purchase Kratom Capsules

There is just a small number of vendors who carry Kratom capsules, and they generally have just one available strain. There are some well-known, highly regarded Kratom suppliers in the market that sell extract or powdered products but avoid selling capsules. There are two reasons for this:

1: Present-day regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration stipulate that Kratom is not allowed to be marketed for human consumption. Arguments have been made that the capsules are clearly marketed for human ingestion because of their packaging. In another argument, vendors may use the Kratom capsules to measure out equal amounts of the plant matter, meaning they’re not meant for human consumption and just a guidance to the right dosages.< 2: Capsules take more manpower and machinery to produce, which is why their costs tends to be higher. Experienced users tend to be overly cautious of the prices, especially if they’re using the product in high amounts each month. If you use six or more grams in one day, you may not want to swallow 12 pills to get the dose you want.

Capsules vs. Powder

If you’ve never tried Kratom powder and do want to try it, it makes sense to purchase capsules. After all, they don’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth that comes from the unchanged Kratom leaves or powders. Those who have used Kratom for some time bypass this by adding it to food or drinks.

If you’re worried about the leaf negatively affecting your taste buds, you definitely want to go with the capsules option. Capsules filled with Kratom extracts are also advantageous because they’re already measured out, which makes it easy for you to know how much to use. If you don’t purchase in capsules, you’ll need to invest in an electric scale to accurately measure the doses. It’s also easier to take a bottle of capsules on a road trip than it is any other method.

One place to find your Kratom products is Quick Kratom, as it has a number of different types of Kratom capsules. The kinds of capsules they have includes:

• Red Bali Kratom
• Thai Kratom
• Maeng Da
• Kratom leaf
• Red Thai Kratom
• 15x Kratom extract capsule (if you want something a bit more powerful)

The company also offers the Mitragyna Javanica capsule, which is closely associated to the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. Bear in mind that the capsules are gelatin and may not be tolerated well by vegans or vegetarians.

Fill Kratom Capsules Yourself

If you’re unable to find the strain of Mitragyna Speciosa capsules you want, you could also create your own using a simple pill-capping machine. This machine is typically made of plastic and is rather small. Thus, you can create a number of capsules at one time. How can you create your own Kratom capsules?

1 – Buy a supply of inexpensive, desired size capsules
2 – Put them into the right holes of your machine
3 – Pour the Kratom powder in.

The machine doesn’t cost very much and the entire process will take about 10 minutes. This method can also be beneficial because you can mix and match strains to create your own concoction to provide you with the effects you want. Yes, it’s easier to purchase your Kratom capsules through the Internet, but you’re not limited to just that alternative.

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