Kratom Seeds for Sale: Growing Mitragyna Speciosa Trees

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Those who use Kratom on a regular basis are starting to consider growing their own. This would certainly save money and assure that they have an ample supply of their favorite herbal mood lifter. Even if you don’t have a green thumb you still might be tempted just for the money saving aspects. And if you do have a green thumb you’ll be disappointed to find out that Kratom seeds do not flourish into trees very easily. The seeds have a very low yield rate. Rarely do they grow into full trees. It can take a long time to even have a plant that can provide ingestible leaves. Instead of starting with seeds more people are opting to buy immature Kratom plants and nurture them since they already have a head start. So before you go out and buy Kratom seeds, do your homework.

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Buying Kratom Seeds

The native form of Kratom is found growing in Southeast Asia, typically in the tropical forests of Malaysia and Indonesia. The high humidity coupled with warm temperatures, and extremely fertile soil, create the ideal conditions for this tree to grow and thrive. These rainforest conditions are very difficult to replicate so anyone thinking seriously of undertaking this project should review this checklist ahead of time:

Fresh Seeds – The seeds must be under 2 days old for them to germinate according to reports. If they fell off the tree more than 2 days ago, they won’t work. So any seeds shipped from Asia will certainly be too old for the most parts. There are people who have been able to get some sprouts growing from older seeds, so there is a chance if you use a huge amount of seeds.

Minimal Direct Sunlight – Kratom plants grow best in warm climates, but that doesn’t mean they should get direct sunlight. This tree has evolved over millions of years with a very dense rainforest blocking the sun. The area where you’ve planted your seeds must remain at a constant temperature of at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit, but without having too much direct sunlight.

Fertile Soil – The soil must be rich in nitrogen, very fertile and mostly damp but if it’s too damp a fungus could grow so monitor this.

Tiny Green Sprouts – With some luck these will start to appear in your soil. You must nurture them plenty of plant food and make sure to water them as they grow.

A Nice Breeze or Fan – It is thought that wind can spur the creation of alkaloids in the Kratom leaves. If you don’t have any wind or even a breeze you can use a fan.

What you Need to Grow Kratom Seeds

There seems to be shops everywhere selling hydroponic equipment these days and Kratom seeds can certainly be grown with this method however there are some special considerations.
Kratom thrives in a humid environment and in the shade. So keep the plants away from any lamps as this could inhibit their growth. The Mitragyna Speciosa plant doesn’t need to grow flowers to create alkaloids, but to create the physical stimulation of leaves you might need to have a fan on nearby to create the movement. You’ve got to make sure to provide plant food rich in nitrogen.

The Cost of Growing from Seeds

The Kratom seeds themselves aren’t very expensive if purchased in bulk. But all the costs associated with growing them at home can add up. The hydroponic equipment, if you choose this route, can end up costing you more than if you purchased the leaves commercially for a long time on a regular basis. Another factor to consider is how long this is going to take for the tree to reach maturity, perhaps 5 years.

Areas that Favor Kratom Plants

There are some areas in the U.S. which might possibly work for growing Kratom seeds. The humidity in Florida and around the Gulf Coast comes to mind when contemplating where this could possibly work. If you reside in these areas and have a lot of room outside you might want to try growing Kratom.

Warning: The laws in Indiana and Louisiana are in a state of flux when it comes to Kratom so it would be best to avoid trying this project in those two states. It’s always smart to talk to someone in local government when you embark on such a project. Laws in Australia are steady, but may change in the future as well.

Anyone new to gardening has to realize that it would be a tall order to attempt to grow potent Kratom plants from 2 day old seeds. It would be extremely difficult and probably a waste of time. Some suggest trying to use a cutting from a live tree to start, but where would you find one? In all likelihood it’s going to be a lot less expensive and far less frustrating to just purchase Kratom powder or capsules from a trustworthy online vendor.

If you go to sites such as Quick Kratom you will see a wide range of Kratom powders, extracts and tinctures. These products come from the original region where Kratom was first discovered. They’re made from trees grown in perfect conditions with the greatest potential for growing the most naturally potent Kratom on the planet. In this case it might be better to let nature do all the work and you just reap the benefits!

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