Who is the Top Kratom Vendor Online to Buy From in 2014?

top kratom vendor

As you search online for a top notch Kratom supplier website you need to use the same criteria for judging them as you would for any kind of online vendor. As the world transitions from brick and mortar to online shopping we’ve learned how to navigate the online marketplace whether it’s for beauty products, clothing or books we can compare them all website to website. But when it comes to alternative health products it may not be as easy to weed out the hype and find a quality online Kratom vendor, brand or store. If you keep in mind some basics, which we’re going to list here, it should help you to find the best Kratom product for your needs at the best price. It also helps to listen to the advice of others who use Kratom and consider their tips as these might be very helpful.

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The Best Kratom Vendors

There are probably scores of different types of Kratom products currently on the market. Throughout all of Southeast Asia, there are so many different regions that are home to different varieties of Mitragyna Speciosa plants and trees. They all seem to have made an industry of harvesting the leaves and exporting them all over the world. Each region is known for the unique properties within their plants that can affect the mind and body differently. The leaves have distinct features derived from their own combinations of alkaloids within.

These leaves are for the most part color-coded according to their distinct effects. Once they harvest the leaves they are prepared in a lot of different ways which range from conventional powders and capsules to powerful extracts including tinctures. In the end there are many different products and with many more ways to enjoy the benefits offered by Kratom leaves.

Suppliers with the Best Variety of Products

If you’re looking online and visit an online vendor who only has one or two varieties if Kratom in stock, you should probably look further. If you find that an online seller labels their products as “Kratom” and they don’t elaborate, that’s not good either. The best vendors offer a wide selection of different strains, preparations and strengths and every product has a good solid description on the label. The best suppliers keep up on the latest trends in the industry as well.

Top-Selling Strains from Kratom Websites

The hottest item of late is the Maeng Da strain. This is an extremely potent variety which is certainly not offered by all online vendors. This variety is being talked about in the online Kratom community as the new favorite for those looking for maximum effects in terms of energy, euphoria, pain relief and a sense of well-being.

Another product that is getting a lot of buzz, although it’s rare, is the Full Spectrum Kratom Extract Tincture. The inferior extracts only isolate one or two of Kratom’s alkaloids, but the full spectrum Kratom products deliver a highly potent and nicely balanced array of 40+ alkaloids. This serves to boost the speed and the range of the effects. This is certainly worth trying for very experienced Kratom users. A topnotch, reputable vendor will have products like these to offer and a whole lot more.

Where to Buy Kratom at the Best Prices

Everyone shopping on the internet is looking for the best price. That goes without saying. With new wholesales coming on the market all the time you need to window shop for the best deal. The best Kratom vendors will have special offers on bulk or when buying wholesale. These value-packs let you stock up so you always have your favorite strain on hand. And buying in bulk dramatically cuts down on the price per dose.

Purchase Bulk Powders and Leaves from Online Suppliers

If you are a huge fan of Kratom and are searching for the most savings there are a few vendors that do offer fantastically good prices when you place huge orders. We found a really good deal on Malaysian Kratom. When you buy 1000g at a time you only pay $300 and when doing the math it comes down to $1 a dose. This is an incredible deal. You can’t even buy a cup of coffee anymore in the U.S. for $1.

Rating Reliable Vendors and Stores

It’s very common to have questions when considering a new herbal remedy or any alternative medication. This is the main reason that any topnotch Kratom vendor you rely on needs to offer convenient and timely and ways to communicate with them to get answers. They should have very responsive customer service channels. Any website that you are dealing with should not be nameless and faceless. You need to know who you’re buying from. There should be easy ways to submit questions during regular business hours, which should be posted. These are the kinds of practices that the best Kratom sellers abide by.

Although most credit cards these days have fraud protection it’s still vital that you check the security precautions taken by all Kratom vendors. These are some of the questions that you need to ask:
• Does this vendor have an office in the U.S.?
• Do they post their Privacy Policy?
• Do any of the web pages that request your information have a “https” secure web address?
• What is their return policy if the Kratom product is unsatisfactory?
• Does this website have positive reviews from other users?

Our Review of the Top Kratom Vendor

There isn’t a more important criterion than other Kratom users’ reviews. All over the internet there are communities of Kratom enthusiasts and the message boards are full of information and reviews. There are discussions regarding the quality and effects of different products with the names of the best vendors. Before buying from any website for the first time make sure you look through the message boards.

What we’ve found is that Quick Kratom consistently gets high marks for everything. They are rated highly for quality of product, price, trustworthiness, speed of delivery and customer service. We’ve looked at hundreds of reviews online, written by all kinds of users and the message is the same for trust and reliability. We recommend that you visit their website and compare their range of products and the prices with other sites you visit.

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