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kratom fst

One of the most popular Kratom products today is the Full Spectrum Tincture more widely known as FST. This liquid extract just recently came on the market and is known as appealing to the more experienced users who are trying it out. They’re recommending it for a number of reasons including the convenience and the fact that it does seem to amplify a lot of the features that has made kratom so popular while not having any substantial drawbacks. The main thing is to make sure you get a kratom tincture that has all the alkaloids in it that the Mitragyna Speciosa leaves provide. Make sure it has the full spectrum and actually lives up to the name. This article will focus on what it is that makes the Kratom Full Spectrum Tincture stand out as being very unique.

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Kratom Tincture Overview

A tincture is the resulting product formed by taking a plant or animal material that has been dissolved into a concentrated liquid formula consisting of 25% alcohol (usually ethanol) and 75% water and the organic material. By using this method of extraction the source material (plant or animal material) is very concentrated. This extraction method is often used in the development of medicines. Almost any health food store these days has tons of tinctures on their shelves for treating all kinds of physical conditions.

A liquid tincture made from Kratom should have all the plant’s natural properties well preserved and concentrated. The result is that the organic properties are denser and more potent in the Kratom tincture. Those looking for more bang for their buck may find a full spectrum tincture easier to use, more convenient to carry and maybe a bit novel.

Kratom FST

A true “full spectrum” Kratom product should have the whole range of beneficial alkaloids in it which total more than 40. There are some tinctures that only preserve the dominant alkaloid, mitagynine. By preserving only this one alkaloid the vital interaction that takes place between mitagynine and the other alkaloids which makes Kratom so beneficial, is ignored. So people using these limited extracts do not get the full benefit that Kratom has to offer. When buying a Kratom tincture make sure you are getting the full spectrum.

Like any other extract on the market Kratom’s Full Spectrum Tinctures are graded according to their potency, by being given a numeric score. You will find medium strength tinctures on the shelves that are 8x or 15x more potent by weight than the usual Kratom. Others claim to be 50x or even 100x the normal level of potency.

The tinctures in higher concentrations probably do not have all the alkaloids in their normal ratios and some alkaloids may even be missing. This is the main reason to be skeptical of the super strong Kratom tinctures even if the label says it will provide the full spectrum of benefits.

Why Use a Full Spectrum Tincture?

A Full Spectrum Kratom Tincture is just a more concentrated form of the Kratom plant and in liquid form, the same plant that you are probably already taking in powder form. The effects will be very similar but of course you will only need a tiny dose to get the same benefits. Once you’ve ingested the tincture your body will feel more relaxed, and you fill feel your mood lifting. However there will be some differences in the effects as compared to ingesting the regular Kratom powder:

• Convenient and easy to Use – Using a Kratom tincture is very easy as all you need to do is squeeze a tiny dropper full on or under your tongue. You can swallow it plain or wash it down with orange juice or just water.

• Extremely fast acting – The main benefit of using a full spectrum Kratom tincture is that the effects start appearing immediately, within seconds. This is such a contrast to how long it takes when eating it in conjunction with food, which can take as long as a half hour before you feel the effects.

• The effects are felt more powerfully – The effects are more powerful therefore you will need just a tiny amount of the tincture whereas if you’re an experienced user you may be used to consuming several teaspoons of the powder to get the same effects.

• It’s economical – The Full Spectrum Kratom Tinctures are so concentrated that you only need a small bottle to last a long time, but when you compare the required doses the prices are about the same as using the powder.

Similar to most extremely concentrated tinctures the Kratom FST has a bitter taste, but the taste disappears in seconds and is easily swallowed with just one sip of a beverage.

Dosages for Liquid Kratom Tinctures

When taking a Full Spectrum Kratom Tincture you will use a dropper to measure the dosage. The bottle will most likely come with the dropper built right into the lid. When you squeeze the dropper they usually hold approximately 1ml of the liquid tincture.

A strong median dose of Kratom tincture would be 2 dropperfuls for most users. But if you are trying the Kratom tincture for the first time you should use only 1 dropperful. Then wait a half hour to an hour to evaluate the effects. Because of the concentration you may feel the effects more intensely than when using the powder. The fact is that the manufacturers of these tinctures actually advise users not to drive or operate machinery when ingesting tinctures.

Where to Purchase Full Spectrum Kratom Tinctures

Full Spectrum Kratom Tinctures are only sold on a few ethnobotanical websites. It usually comes in a small glass bottle holding 15ml of tincture. This would be equivalent to approximately 6 fairly strong doses, or a lot more doses providing mild effects. You can sometimes buy the Maeng Da, Red, Green or blended Kratom FST in packages of 3 which saves money. Do your research and read the user reviews online and the details given by manufacturers so that you get a high quality product. Some refer to the full spectrum tinctures as the “express train” to achieving the mind and body benefits that Kratom offers.

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